Fan Fiction: Golden Kamuy – Setsujoku

My last Golden Kamuy fic – met some great people (and some shitty people) but overall, I enjoyed myself.

I became a devoted Otani shipper, but I’m exiting the GK fanfic realm the same way I entered it – with some TaniO


What if Hyakunosuke Ogata and Tanigaki Genjirou lived and met at the end of Boshin War?

Setsujoku: [1868] After his brother dies while trading with rebel Lord Hijikata Toshizou, hunter Tanigaki Genjirou tries to seduce the samurai’s aging wakashū, Ogata Hyakunosuke.

  • Tanigaki Genjirou/Ogata Hyakunosuke
  • Hijikata Toshizou/Ogata Hyakunosuke
  • Sexual Frustration
  • Boshin War
  • Dialogue Heavy


This began from Tanigaki’s perspective – hence the synopsis – but it ended up being more of an Ogata piece for a friend. I also took liberties with Hijikata’s age, keeping him silver instead of the younger man he actually was during the civil war in Japan.

27 Wagons Full of Cotton – Tennessee Williams

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