Fanfiction: Golden Kamuy [Otani Week 2019]

Otani Week 2019 took place on Twitter and included many wonderful artists and writers from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. I’m grateful to have been a part of the it.


7/30: Summer AU
7/31: Sports
8/01: Cooking
8/02: —-
8/03: Youkai
8/04: Office Worker * Otter Nabe
8/05: Past Life/Mafia AU


  • 7/30: Nothing ever goes as planned.

  • 7/31: Being a Good Brother: Ogata Hyakunosuke takes a sudden interest in his collegiate brother’s hockey team.

  • 8/01: Ogata in the kitchen and not fooling anybody.

  • 8/03: Ogata Hyakunosuke is pulled from the water after a rising stream takes his car off the road; his elusive savior is a hunter named Tanigaki Genjirou, a man as strange as the forest around them.

  • 8/04: Assistant Mishima finds Tanigaki raiding the office break room and gives him a single cup of Otter Nabe ramen just minutes before Tanigaki’s meeting with Supervisor Ogata.

  • 8/05: Tanigaki Genjirou is a diviner of numbers working for the yakuza. His life changes when he meets an enforcer named Ogata Hyakunosuke—a man he’s seen before in another life. (Not shared in weekly event because ‘character death’). [LINK]


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