Novel Doujinshi: Golden Kamuy [Koiji Stories]


Koiji [恋路] Stories: A tetralogy of Hyakunosuke Ogata/Genjirou Tanigaki stories that begin pre-canon and end just before the raid on Abashiri.

  • Don’t Look at Me
    First Class Private Tanigaki knows how to stop Superior Private Ogata from telling the Lieutenant he lost The Escape King.
  • Hatsu Taiken
    Ogata frees Tanigaki from the bear-cage and while on the run discovers why the Matagi disobeys and opens his eyes. Takes place near the end of the ‘Tanigaki Fugitive Arc’.
  • Bunkatsu-sen
    The wildcat decides there’s not enough room in the bear cave for an immortal tiger. – this takes place during Chapter 120.
  • Shoganai
    Tanigaki wants to make sense of Ogata’s sudden coldness, but the sniper remains a mystery. Takes place in ‘Chapter 124: Picture Full of Memories’, day before the visit to Hirose Photo Studio.
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