Review: Chocolatier by Hoshitani Kyo


Try to imagine if Tanigaki Genjirou and Tsukishima Hajime had a son – then you’d have Mr. Sakaki, our hapless chocolatier whose only crime is selling chocolates to ladies on Valentines Day (oh, and having big titties and being too hot for his own good).

This is Sakaki – he’s almost 40 and runs his own candy shop. Business is booming on Valentines Day, his best day of the year.

Glasses + Man Boobs = FUCK YEAH!


This is college freshman Mikuri – he likes cock but the girls like him.


Unfortunately, the girls really like him – to the tune of too much fucking chocolate on Valentines Day.


Mikuri says fuck this and decides to return the chocolates from whence they came – Sakaki’s shop. When he gets there, though, he sees Sakaki and loses his goddam mind (as anyone with a penis would).


Hijinks ensue, naturally:


The 3-chapter doujinshi delves into some hilarious sexual bullying, breast worship, a little jealousy, and some amazingly drawn pubes. Sakaki is so timid that you almost forget he’s an older-uke, and Mikuri’s youthful lust eventually matures into something he’s willing to make work outside the bedroom.

I high rec this series only because it’s not that deep, its cute and sexy, and quite romantic. Also – Sakaki is luscious enough to make you forget that Mikuri could’ve easily been a MOB character when you think about it. 0_0

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